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Lyon County, Iowa  


Cities:    Alvord, Doon, George, Inwood, Larchwood, Lester, Little Rock, Rock Rapids

Schools:    Central Lyon, George-Little Rock, West Lyon, Doon Christian, Inwood Christian, Doon Protestant Reformed


Phone:  (712) 472-8200

FAX:       (712) 472-4039


Office Hours:

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Monday - Friday


Mailing Address:

Health Services of Lyon County

315 1st Avenue, Suite 208

Rock Rapids, IA  51246

Health Services

Mission Statement

Services Provided

Melissa Stillson


The mission of Health Services of Lyon County, is to promote the public health and well-being of all residents.  This is accomplished through a united commitment to assess the individual and community needs and provide intervention, education and prevention services.  Health Services of Lyon County (HSLC) serves nearly 11,800 residents through various programs that promote healthy life choices, environmental and food safety,  immunizations, and disease prevention.  Our agency plays a prominent role with collaborating with our community and health partners to initiate innovative programs in order to address specific health issues.  Please feel free to contact Health Services of Lyon County with any questions or concerns you may have.






The Homemaker Program provides trained and supervised aides in the home of families and adults for a temporary or extended period of time, due to illness or disability in order to assist them with maintaining their independence in the home.  Services provided include, but are not limited to the following:   Assistance with Personal cares, Light housekeeping; Meal preparation and Planning;  Essential errands, Medication observation and Respite Services.  Cost of services are based on monthly income, resources and medical expenses.   You or your loved one may be eligible for our services at a reduced rate based on a financial assessment.  Our agency is also a recipient of funds from Elderbridge Agency on Aging and Local Public Health Grant dollars.





Health Services of Lyon County contracts with public and parochial schools within Lyon County to provide: direct classroom education, screenings, coordination of health care plans on students with chronic illness and to serve as a consultant on health care issues.





The goal of the immunization program is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases by working in conjunction with the public and private health care providers throughout the state.  Accomplishing this goal will require achieving and maintaining high vaccination coverage levels, improving vaccination strategies among under vaccinated populations, prompt reporting and thorough investigation of suspected cases, and rapid institution of disease control measures.

Health Services currently offers vaccines to children who meet the qualifications of the VFC (Vaccine for Children Program).  





Healthy Families is a family-centered, strength-based program that provides in-home visits and education to parents of young children, prenatal through five years of age that reside in Lyon County.

The goals of our program are to support and strengthen families in bulding the foundation of safe, nurturing environments in which children thrive.  Healthy Families is a voluntary program offered at no cost through Northwest Iowa Empowerment Funding.





Health Services of Lyon County participates in a four county Childhood Lead Poisoning and Tobacco Prevention Program through a grant from the Iowa Department of Public Health.   Our focus is on increasing the awareness of lead poisoning and testing, while assisting in the care of lead poisoned children and their parents through education.  Our goals with the tobacco prevention program are to prevent tobacco use initiation among youth; promote cessation among young people and adults; decrease nonsmoker’s exposure to second hand smoke through community education projects.  


We promote safety of children through collaboration of services with the Lyon County Planning Council, by educating parents on car seat safety requirements, injury prevention and offering resources for families that are in need of a car seat, but financially are unable to obtain one.


We also provide  health and wellness clinics that consist of free blood pressure screenings; weight assessments; health information and we also provide group health education sessions.  Our agency works to promote dental health within the county by collaborating with the I-Smiles Program and local schools to offer dental screenings to children.





Health Services of Lyon County collaborates with County EMS, Hospital and various other community partners to establish our emergency response plans.  A vital role of our department in emergency planning and preparedness is to provide education to the population in order to promote individual preparedness, have the ability to assist in response to a public health emergency as well as assist in the recovery of an emergency.




Links & Resources

Mid-Sioux Opportunity


Smoking Quitline


Car Seat Safety


Immunization Schedule: Birth-6 Years

                                                      7-18 Years



Guide to Childhood Diseases





•Health Services of Lyon County has adult and children's flu vaccines available.


Adult flu vaccines are available for $25.00 per dose. We cannot bill Medicare for this vaccine.


Health Services of Lyon County also have child flu vaccines available. We encourage parents to contact their insurance company to verify vaccine coverage.


Please call our office at (712) 472-8200 to set up an appointment.

•Health Services of Lyon County is now offering adult Tetanus and Tdap vaccines for private purchase beginning January, 2016.  Call (712)472-8200 for more details and to protect yourself against these diseases.  


According to the CDC, “If you are an adult 19 years of age and older who has not received a dose of Tdap, you should get one as soon as feasible – to protect yourself and infants.”  “This Tdap booster dose can replace one of the 10-year Td booster doses.  Tdap can be administered regardless of intervals since the previous Td dose.”

Upcoming Clinics







All clinics will be held at Health Services of Lyon County.